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Home skin basics Melanoma - What to look for

Melanoma - What to look for

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The first sign of a melanoma is usually a change in a mole or a new mole. It may have an unusual shape. A melanoma may be detected at an early stage when it is only a few millimetres in diameter, but they may grow to several millimetres in diameter.

The mole may have a variety of colours including, brown, black, blue, red and occasionally light grey. Some Melanomas can be itchy, tender or may bleed easily and crust over.

The commonest place to find Malignant Melanoma in women is on the legs and in men on the back. However, Melanoma can affect the skin anywhere on the body.

A mole should be checked as a precaution if it has any of the characteristics described below. However, not all such lesions prove to be melanoma and not all melanomas show these characteristics.

  • Change in Size
  • Changing in Shape
  • Irregular Outline
  • Changing Colour
  • Mixed Colour
  • Ulceration
  • Inflammation
  • Change in Sensation
  • If you notice any of these changes, get the mole checked as a precaution



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