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"I have a lot of moles and was anxious and I found the whole experience pleasant. I left feeling reassured and with practical advice for checking my moles. I was very impressed and have already recommended MoleAware to a friend who is concerned about her moles."

D Scott, London

"Coming from New Zealand, I find GP's here less knowledgeable about skin cancer, so I decided to visit MoleAware and I felt more reassured by such a knowledgeable and professional specialist service."

C Taylor, Brighton

"I feel so lucky to have found MoleAware, as one of my moles turned out to be an early Melanoma. I hadn't even noticed the mole on my back. I have felt in the hands of professionals at all times and all has been dealt with in a timely but caring manner."

G McLeod, London

"I wanted all my moles checked as I had grown up in the sun and the specialist nurse found a very small pre-cancerous patch, which I have now had frozen off, so I found it a very worthwhile consultation."

M Rogers, Cambridge

"Having spent a lot of time in the sun, I was particularly worried and wanted to see a specialist who knows about skin cancer and I felt reassured. All my questions were answered in an extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly way."

J Denny, London

"I felt extremely reassured following my consultation. I found the staff really friendly and easy to talk to and the examination gave me peace of mind. Fortunately, the mole I was worried about turned out to be OK."

L Monroe, Herts

"I felt I was in very capable hands and it was refreshing to find such a high degree of professionalism, supported by cutting-edge technology."

R Hutchinson, Leeds

020 8248 6312


skin cancer

the second most common in young people


the deadliest form of skin cancer

Catch it early - it can be stopped