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MoleAware provides an 'On-Site' Skin Cancer Screening Service.There are currently MoleAware clinics available in London, Berkshire and Hertfordshire.  We can also arrange corporate screening in your workplace, which affords easy access.  There is no need for a referral from your GP, just book direct.  MoleAware also offers an advice line for established clients, following cancer screening.

MoleAware has a dedicated and experienced team. All consultations are carried out by highly skilled and trained nurses, who have additional training in Skin Cancer Screening and the use of Computerised Digital Dermoscopy.

4-Step Programme to Skin Cancer Management


A trained Specialist Nurse conducts a comprehensive assessment interview to create a personal melanoma risk profile.


A full body visual skin assessment is carried out. Images of moles that meet specific criteria are taken, using Computerised Digital Dermoscopy. The images are analysed by both the nurse and the computerised dermoscopy system. All images are stored for future reference.


A report with specific, individual recommendations is then supplied to both you and your doctor.


A follow-up programme based on the personal melanoma risk profile is then established and managed to ensure regular follow-up consultations.

The Specialist Nurse offers advice about on-going skin care, as well as providing further skin cancer information.

Computerised Digital Dermoscopy allows the re-scan of any moles that are suspect of change and the detection of any new moles between consultations.

Your Consultation

Personalised Melanoma Risk Profile

To determine your melanoma risk profile, details specific to your personal skin cancer history, family melanoma history, physical features and sun exposure history are recorded.

Skin Assessment

A full and detailed visual examination of your skin is carried out and any areas of concern or moles are highlighted. However, if there are no areas of concern and everything appears OK, then the Visual Skin Assessment is all that is necessary.

Computerised Digital Skin Imaging

The computerised digital system uses state-of-the-art technology to image the mole and magnify up to 70 times. Thus enabling us to pinpoint any microscopic features or tell-tale signs specific to skin cancer. This assists us in early detection in the shortest timescale possible. Sometimes, the beginnings of melanoma can be difficult to spot, particularly with the naked eye.

In addition, the skin imaging system provides a "Mole Analyser" Your stored mole images are analysed using clinically approved pattern recognition algorithms. This provides an immediate second opinion. This has been developed in collaboration with the University Clinic of Tuebingen, Germany.

Personalised Report

MoleAware provides you with a personalised report, consisting of the results of your consultation and future recommendations. A referral letter is also available to take to your GP.

Follow-up appointments and consultations, if needed, can be easily arranged, providing an on-going and active Skin Cancer Screening Service. Individual follow-up consultations can also be arranged with MoleAware.

020 8248 6312


skin cancer

the second most common in young people


the deadliest form of skin cancer

Catch it early - it can be stopped