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Our Mission

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MoleAware seeks to provide a Skin Cancer Screening Service of the highest quality.

MoleAware aims to achieve this by:

  • Providing an appropriate service within a confidential and supportive environment by highly skilled and professional members of the Team.
  • Delivering a safe and accurate Skin Cancer Screening programme and high standards in screening techniques.
  • Offering education and information to the Public and healthcare professionals about dermoscopy, melanoma and skin cancer.
  • Liaising with all healthcare professionals.
  • Ensuring continuous development and training of staff.
  • MoleAware is committed to carrying out:-

  • Multi-professional clinical audit
  • Organisational audit
  • Monitoring of risk assessment
  • Compliance to NICE guidelines
  • Continuous improvement through research, development and education
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skin cancer

the second most common in young people


the deadliest form of skin cancer

Catch it early - it can be stopped