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Welcome to MoleAware

MoleAware is an Independent Skin Cancer Screening Service. Our small and friendly medical Team is dedicated and experienced in screening for Skin Cancer. We provide individual consultations for Skin Cancer Screening, Mole Mapping, Body Scanning, Ultra Violet Scanning and Computerised Digital Dermoscopy. Our consultations can be for single individuals, families, groups. It can be provided on site for Companies anywhere.

Skin Cancer is now the most common cancer in the UK and Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer. More than 10,400 cases of Melanoma are diagnosed each year and around 2,600 people die each year from Melanoma in the UK.  Figures show that more people die from Melanoma in the UK than in Australia and that the rates of melanoma have risen faster than any other cancer in the UK.  Melanoma is the second most common cancer in 15-39 year old people. (Cancer Research UK 2010)

Everyone enjoys being in the sun, whether it is jetting off somewhere hot or simply sitting outside in the garden here in the UK. Even just taking the dog for a walk or enjoying outdoor sports throughout the year exposes our skin to the sun and can cause skin damage.

So whether you enjoy sunny holidays, spend time outdoors, or maybe you just have lots of moles and different types of moles.

Get your moles checked and get peace of mind. At MoleAware, we provide a Service which is thorough, reassuring and affordable.

020 8248 6312


skin cancer

the second most common in young people


the deadliest form of skin cancer

Catch it early - it can be stopped